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Policy Denying Membership Benefits

The following Policy is hereby adopted by Federal Employees West Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors.

If a member harasses, threatens, or behaves inappropriately toward Credit Union staff, volunteers, vendors, or other members, it harms the Credit Union by creating an unacceptable environment for our staff, vendors, volunteers, and other members.

If a member has presented counterfeit items, committed fraud, kited checks, engaged in any activity that has harmed the Credit Union, or engaged in suspicious transactions or activity, the member has caused the Credit Union harm.

If a member’s actions or transactions has caused or will be causing the Credit Union a monetary loss, and/or causes the Credit Union to waste its resources, directly or indirectly, said actions and/or transactions also harm the Credit Union.

For these reasons, the Board of Directors of Federal Employees West Federal Credit Union hereby adopts the following policy:

It is the policy of the Federal Employees West Federal Credit Union to suspend services of any member who has in the past, or in the future does any of the following:

Causes the Credit Union a loss, breaches a Federal Employees West Federal Credit Union policy or an agreement with the Credit Union and/or threatens or behaves inappropriately towards the Credit Union’s staff, volunteers, vendors, or other members; presents counterfeit items; commits fraud; engages in kiting types of transactions; engages in any activity that harms the Credit Union; and/or engages in any suspicious transactions.

The Credit Union will have the right to suspend services including, non-exclusively, the following:

The right to be a borrower or co-obligor of the Credit Union; the right to have any depository account (except for a basic share [savings] account); the right to be a co-owner or signatory of any deposit account at the Credit Union (except for the member’s own basic share account); the right to obtain and/or purchase items through the Credit Union such as money orders, cashiers’ checks, prepaid credit cards, point of purchase cards, etc.; the right to access Credit Union accounts and/or transact business with the Credit Union electronically, through the internet or mobile devices, or via shared service branches, and/or use any other service offered by the credit union.

If a member’s services are suspended, the member will still have the right to vote at the Credit Union’s annual meetings and special meetings of the membership. In addition, as noted above, the member will have the right to maintain a basic share account, unless the individual chooses to voluntarily close the individual’s (primary) share account and withdraw from membership and/or is expelled in a manner permitted by law.

The Credit Union will post this policy on the Federal Employees West Federal Credit Union’s website and cause it to be published in the manner normally utilized when the Credit Union sends its membership notices.