Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of members who are elected from the general membership. They serve as unpaid volunteers. They do it because they believe in the credit union philosophy of people helping people.

Each Director brings a unique set of expertise, skills and experience to the job. With diverse proficiencies in a wide range of disciplines such as accounting, marketing, finance, education and management, our Board represents a well-rounded and diverse collective. Their efforts ensure FEW FCU's full-compliance of all industry mandates, by-laws, and regulations. Most importantly, they preserve our members' financial and service interests.

Board Elections will be held for:

  • One (1), two (2) year term position; and
  • Two (2), three (3) year term positions

Credit Committee Elections will be held for:

  • One (1), three year term position

The Board of Directors provide strategic direction to the Credit Union, set Credit Union policies and provide ongoing guidance to the CEO.

You may nominate yourself, nominate another Credit Union member or submit a petition signed by at least 25 Credit Union members. Nominations from the floor will not be accepted. Nominations should be mailed to:

Nominating Committee Chairman
FEW Federal Credit Union
611 W. Sixth Street, Suite 875
Los Angeles, CA 90017