Credit Cards

Carry a credit card from a place you trust – the Credit Union. With a low, fixed rate, we offer one of the best Credit Cards around! You can also manage your FEW Visa credit card online with EZ Card Info!

VISA Platinum Card

  • No application fee
  • Low FIXED rate – No surprises
  • No Balance Transfer fees – Transfer balances from other credit cards and save
  • No Cash Advance fees – That’s right and our cash advance rates are the same as our purchase rates
  • No Foreign Transaction fees – Use your card wherever your adventures take you. (Just make sure you let us know where you’re going so that a message can be placed on your account to make sure your transactions are processed smoothly.)
  • Verified by VISA - extra password protection for your online purchases
  • No Over-limit fees – Enough said

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VISA Secured Card

If you've had trouble getting a credit card due to less than perfect credit, this is the card for you. Set aside $200 to $4,000 in a Savings account as collateral for your credit card. We'll hold the funds as a guarantee and issue your VISA credit card in the same amount.

This card contains all the great benefits of our VISA Platinum Cards, so get yours today!

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No Balance Transfer Fees, Low Fixed Rate, No Foreign Transaction Fees, No Application Fee, No Over-Limit Fees, No Cash Advance Fees